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I have been painting for about nine years, but I believe that I was born with this gift to create. After my father's death in 2005, I was asked by someone "what do you want to do?" Before I could even think, out of my mouth came "I want to paint!" I remember looking over my shoulder and asking, " who said that?" So,I began taking classes under artists that I loved. I studied under Mike Hoyt, John Silver, Eileen Corse and Alice Williams.

I grew up in North Carolina and graduated in 1984 from Salem College with a degree in math! In the 80's, I was encouraged to go the corporate career path. I went to New York in the buying program for Lord & Taylor. Due to an injury, I left New York and moved to Richmond, Virginia where I was in outside sales and later managed a personnel agency. I met my husband in Richmond and we later moved to Baltimore for a couple of years and then to Jacksonville, FL where we have been for 18 years. I have three children and two sons-in-law.

I love painting! When I paint, I have my music on and I'm dancing and singing. It's joyful! I hope that my art evokes an emotion that makes one's heart sing, feel joy and hope.

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My art career started on a catamaran in the Caribbean and along the east coast of the U.S. After retiring from American Airlines, my husband and I chose to "meander" the waters, with our two Labs on board and to pass the time, I began painting, armed only with a children's watercolor set and a book of Jim Draper's work.

A couple of years later, we built a home in Jacksonville, Florida, overlooking the marsh. It was a great inspiration and I finally had the opportunity to take formal instruction.

I began to exhibit in several galleries and I soon expanded my medium beyond watercolor to include pastel and oil. Painting went from a pleasant way to pass the time to a passionate desire that also provided an avenue to meet others in a city where we knew few people. I surrounded myself with everything about art ... classes, luncheons, gallery openings, independent study groups and eventually workshops around the country. My husband, Tony, even started painting (probably in self-defense). I have met wonderful people along the way and am always looking to try new techniques.

My love of animals led me to volunteer at rescue and rehab shelters for both birds and furry critters, which led naturally to painting them

After my husband's death in 2006, I relocated to Greensboro to be closer to my family and to enjoy and participate in the fine art community of North Carolina.

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While traveling cross-country with her husband and family as a corporate wife, Joyce Gabiou polished her skills as a multi media artist. Now that they live in Florida, she is working full time as an exhibiting artist and art teacher.

Through that time, her style has changed immensely, from realism to abstract, which she attributes to her constant study, passion and attention to her art.

She has studied with many well-known national and international artists.

Joyce sometimes finds subject matter is secondary to the tools that she uses. Color, shape and design are what guide her toward completion.

She has been teaching mixed media and experimental painting for about 15 years and enjoys inspiring others with her own creativity.

An award winning artist, Joyce has been published in Watercolor Artist Magazine, "Beyond the Brush", Creative Workshop, February 2009.
Also, "A Walk Into Abstracts" Vol. II, featuring 27 contemporary artists by Sue St. John, is due out this Fall.
Brian Sherwin, National Art Critic - Comments: "Gabiou's artwork is powerful. The works I viewed offer the perfect balance between being bold and soft --they come together well." Sherwin added, "Her methods are solid. I'm truly impressed."

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Ryan Ketterman is an editorial and commercial photographer, specializing in people and corporate photography with a style consisting of colorful and energetic imagery.

Running a client-friendly, service-oriented business he believes that great creativity often is the result of team effort and values working closely with his clients.

Based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida Ryan and his team are ready to create outstanding visuals for you.

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John is a fine art photographer whose career has spanned over 20 years. He currently lives and works in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. In the mid-80's he visited "The Decisive Moment", a photography exhibit at Jacksonville's Cummer Museum of Art. "This was a pivotal time in my life", John knew then and there his life path would be as a photographer. He attended Montana State University and graduated with a BA in Photography.

His art has been featured in Williams-Sonoma Home, both stores and catalogue. His work has appeared on the cover of House Beautiful and on ABC's nationally televised show Extreme Make-Over, to name only a few. He is currently being represented by Corbis and Image Conscious.

John has lived in San Francisco and New York working for Getty Images and Corbis Images, As a result, he was influenced and inspired by the multitude of images he saw every day "New York City was a great place to live as a photographer -- imagery was everywhere. It was almost visual overload," he says. Today John prefers a simpler and slower pace back home at the beach.

"To me, photographs do much more than tell stories or record memories. They are often stories in and of themselves. In many instances, photographs are the end result of a journey or adventure, a moment in time, captured on film or, in today's digital world, a sensor. They capture dreams and hopes and, more often than not, the realities of the world we live in. The sad thing about some of my images is the fact that they only exist today in print or on film -- the landscapes are no longer there or they have been altered and changed forever in the name of progress."

John's photographic interests incorporate a variety of camera formats: from 35mm to 4x5 film cameras; from vintage Polaroid cameras to the latest in digital camera techniques. His key to shooting is his sense of simplicity. "I want the object or scene to speak for itself and stand on its own without a lot of clutter", he says. He also likes the quarks, flaws or limitations that are characteristic of older cameras. He says that, "Once you tap into a cameras potential there really are no limitations --- only the ones we place upon them, or perhaps, the ones we place upon ourselves."

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As an artist I am constantly striving for peace and harmony through my art. I seek a balance in values and color that is as pleasing as nature itself. My medium is acrylic, watercolor, inks, charcoal, collage and found objects on wood, paper and canvas from landscapes to figures in a realistic to non-objective style.

At the age of twelve I started my first formal art lessons at the Telfair Art Academy in Savannah, Georgia. Since then I have been seeking original ways of creating art through classes, schools, workshops and individual artists. After taking watercolor lessons some twenty years ago I fell in love with the medium. It forces you to become a better colorist and gives you the gift of being spontaneous. I have incorporated what I have learned over the years and turned it into an ever- evolving style of my own. Art is part of who I am. I eat, breathe and dream it. As soon as I am filled with the creation of one piece, I am craving the next.

In Jacksonville, I am a member of several art associations and past president of the Jacksonville Watercolor Society and a 2011 Artist of the Year for JWS. My work can be viewed at my studio located at 121 W Forsyth St., Archway Gallery in Atlantic Beach, Trends on Hendricks Avenue and Matthew's Restaurant in San Marco. Please view my website and blog for updates and shows.

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Henry Von Genk, III, was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida and resides with his family in Atlantic Beach.

Henry has been an accomplished artist for twenty-five years. After a long and successful career executing murals for museums and clients around the world, Henry focused on his life long destiny of fine art.

He is a self taught artist who has mastered a realistic style of landscape painting. Working in oils, Henry uses a unique glazing and shadowing technique to bring richness and depth to his paintings.

His love for Florida's waterways and salt marshes of the Southeast coastline is evident in all his paintings. They portray the play of sunlight on the State's natural beauty, and are generally devoid of man made intrusions. He portrays his home state, Florida, as it was, and as it should be. Henry's paintings place you there, warm the heart and stimulate the feelings we all get when actually viewing these beautiful vistas.

Henry has had many one-man art shows and has donated paintings for select charity fundraisers. Henry was selected for the 2011 and 2013 Featured Artist of the year by the St. Johns Riverkeeper. Henry also was invited by a jury to be on the artists for the Southeastern Wildlife Expo 2009 through 2014 shows. His works are owned by private collectors across the country as well as internationally, and include many well know celebrities and major corporations.